On the agenda for tonight is a party where we’ll hopefully see a girl, M, who I have a big crush on. A few months ago my bf and I worked on a feature film and she was one of the actresses. I was hired to do makeup and even though that isn’t really my thing I know how to powder and choose the right shade of lipstick, so I took the gig.

M is a sexy, energetic girl with long red hair that flows down to her back. She was nervous about her sex scene at the beginning of the day, so we got there early and started with the prep. When I arrived she was already on set in a gray flannel robe that hung just to her knees. Underneath it though she was wearing the cutest black and pink sheer baby doll lingerie set. She was a bit anxious about her appearance and had been on a strict diet for weeks leading up the shoot. She looked fantastic though, in shape and not too skinny, but she still wanted me to give her some extra powder to cover up her imagined imperfections. She took her robe off and I thoroughly powdered her thighs and stomach and then moved my focus to her breasts. I took extra time to powder her lovely breasts, which were showing to just above the nipple. I made sure to move aside just enough so my bf could watch me in action and enjoy her as well. He was seated a bit away working with the camera crew and this way my little way of giving him something to smile about to start the day off right. M didn’t really need that much powder and I was engaging in the action more for the benefit of my bf and me than anything. Was I wrong to take so much pleasure in doing my job?

I’m looking forward to seeing M tonight and maybe picking up where we left off after the party is over.