As I sat at the bar with my bf and A tonight all I could think about was the sexy fantasy he told me about her when we were fooling around the other night. I was getting so turned on and desperately wanted to grab my bf and steel away for a quickie. I kept thinking not only about his fantasy, but also about the way he touched my pussy lips and pinched my nipples. He always applies just the right amount of pressure, squeezing harder and harder until it feels like I can’t take anymore and just then he lets go and it feels so incredible. My pussy started tingling just thinking about it and I couldn’t help but reach over and squeeze his inner thigh while enjoying a look at A’s tits. They are small and perfect. So different from my C cup tits and just the kind I love to play with — well, really I love to play with any size tits, but tonight I was all about the small ones, as was my bf in his fantasy. It was a nice way to spend a rainy night after a long day of work.

Short and sweet tonight — time to go play now, but be sure to check back tomorrow when I fill in the rest of the details.