Thinking about setting a date for our missed play date with B, when she was going to take my strap on virginity, inspired me to look through my toy chest tonight. I love to play with toys, but will sometimes forget about them for weeks at a time because I’m too busy playing with my bf.

One of my favorite toys is a glass, liquid filled dildo in bright red. It’s long and rock hard with a big head. In the winter I like to warm it up a bit so it warms my clit and adds some heat when I slide it up inside me. The sensation is amazing. First it warms the sides of my pussy and I push it up farther and farther until it hits my G-spot and the heat makes me cum almost immediately. I try my best to wait and enjoy it a while longer, but I’m not always successful.

I also have a pair of smart balls (see example at Babeland) that I am partial to. Some women use these mostly for resistance training so they can have more powerful orgasms, but I really just like the sensation of being filled with something and feeling it inside me. I have a double, but generally only use one. One of these days I’ll have to get a single that I could leave in while doing errands and running all over the city. It would be my little secret and I would be so wet by the time I came home. Just thinking about it is getting me excited. I’ll try that soon and let you all know how it goes.

Last time we played with B she pulled out one of her dildos and used it on me. She was quite skilled with the movement, not just in and out, but circling it so it hit the rim of my pussy at different angles further enhancing the pleasure. My bf enjoyed watching her use it on me as much as I did. Seeing him smile like he did when the three of us were naked in bed was such a turn on too and heightened my orgasm even more. I just love to show off for him.