She was sitting on the couch waiting for us and I was immediately attracted to her, but as I mentioned in my last post, we were miserable from trudging through the blizzard and in no mood to be out on a date. After giving a wave to confirm that it was in fact her — sometimes hard to tell from the picture — we each gave her a hug. “Wow, it’s really snowing out there,” we said. “We’re soaked to the bone,” we added in case she didn’t get it the first time. All said with a smile. We ordered drinks, she got a second and the date was on.

As is typical of the beginning of any date we all made small talk. Boring. This was going to end quickly. She was looking around the room with a bored expression as was my bf. I needed to do something to salvage this, and quick. “So, have you gone out with a lot of couples?” That was the right question to ask. She was excited to talk about her life and told us that she had been in a monogamous threesome for over a decade, which recently ended. What a fascinating story. Almost every woman we’ve hooked up with has simply disappeared after just a couple of dates, including our first, T. We were her first couple too.

I shared this story of the first girl we hooked up with, with our potential new playmate. T, my bf and I were all friends in college and I told my bf I thought it would be fun to hook up with another chick. It just so happened that he had talked to T about this very idea. My bf proposed the idea to her and she was in. We picked the night and she came over to my sparse, college-inspired decorated, studio apartment. T was a beautiful, sexy girl. Short and thin with lovely little breasts that fit perfectly in your mouth. We all lay down on the futon and started off slow, massaging each other. Soon after the clothes came off. Her skin was so soft — I can still remember what it felt like on my fingers. She touched me and it made me tingle, it made me want more. I couldn’t wait to be completely naked with her. I kept looking over at my bf with such a grin. He was rock hard and enjoying it just as much as I was. He loved watching the two of us together just as much as he loved participating. She went down on me and I went down on her, such a lovely pussy and it tasted so sweet. We both came and then my bf squirted all over us. Our first threesome. Amazing.

Our date loved my tale of our first adventure. The rest of the night was a blast. Easy, fun conversation. Flirting. She kept reaching over to touch my arm or leg — I love being touched by another woman! We all finished another round of drinks and decided it was time to make our way home through the blizzard that was still raging. We all walked out together, traversed the hill and stairs back up from 12th Ave. and said goodbye. She kissed me goodbye first, on the lips, then my bf. Then she pulled us both into her for a three way kiss. So sexy! On the walk home I texted her suggesting dinner at our place next time. “You guys are awesome. I’m in,” was the message back. I am so looking forward to our next date.