Is it wrong to stay naked longer than necessary in the locker room? Or to shower with the curtain slightly open? Is it wrong to towel off in front of a cute girl  so she can get a full view of my tits and pussy?

Now, we all know that women look at each other in the locker room. Some are very self-conscious about it and still take their bra off under their shirt the way we all learned to do when we first started wearing the training bra. Others are happy in their nakedness, blow drying their hair and putting on makeup before putting even their panties on. I fall in the middle — well not really the middle, much closer to the fully naked all the time chicks. I am indeed happy in my nakedness!

It’s become a sort of game every time I go to the gym now. How many girls can I get to look at me while I’m naked? Will they look at me while I pull my sports bra over my head letting my breasts fall out, while I shower and lather up with soap running down my stomach to my bush, or while I towel off with the too small gym towel? The idea of being watched is so exciting to me. Just thinking about being naked and having the adorable girl, with the perfect skin, frizzy hair and lovely round breasts watching me today while I stood naked, perched just outside the shower waiting for the water to reach the right temperature makes me want run off and masturbate. (We have someone working in the apartment today, so masturbating is not currently an option.)

I would probably masturbate in the shower at the gym if I could do it on the sly. That would be my little secret, no one watching, but I’ve never been able to make myself cum in the shower. It’s really quite disappointing. I do an excellent job on myself just using my fingers on my clit and my bf can make me cum in an instant with his magic fingers. Too bad there aren’t coed showers at the gym so he could help me out from time to time!

I love to come home after the gym and regale my bf with stories of all the cuties in the locker room. I’ll tell him that this girl had a beautifully shaved pussy or that one had tiny, perfect breasts. He loves those stories. Thinking about what I’ll tell him when I get home is just about as much of a turn on as standing there naked in front of all of the lovely ladies.

I wonder how many of you out there do the same thing. How many of you stay naked a little longer than necessary in the hopes of being watched or can’t help but look at the way those gorgeous breasts hang when the girl next to you bends down to pick up the towel she just dropped? Being watched is as much fun as watching and sharing the stories keeps the titillation going all night — until the next visit to the gym locker room.