Red loves to share her sex stories with me. I think she instinctively felt an instant pervert kinship with me when we first met. Within two weeks of meeting her, I knew that she used to be a model for a hardcore porn site, liked to play a bit rough, played in groups and in general just really loved sex.

We met at the office, certainly not the typical place to share detailed sex tales. Luckily, we were put in a small office together so we had all the privacy we needed to chat. It became a daily ritual for her to share her tales of the night before. She knew she got me going by sharing all of her details. That was part of the fun — for me and for her.

She had a number of partners that she juggled at any one time. The most interesting ones were the guy she had her weekly sex meet up with, her long distance former high school love interest and the new heart throb  she met online. Her weekly meet up guy made for the least interesting stories. She went out with him just to have something different to do on Tuesday nights, but it was mostly just straight up sex. Her love interest was living across the country so the sexting, dirty pictures and naked video chats served as their only outlet. They often sexted during work and she would read each one to me. Coy, playful and best of all dirty — much better distraction from work than anything you’ll find on YouTube. The best stories though were the ones about the new heart throb. On their first date they went back to her place. They were on the sofa kissing when he started to handle her with a little roughness. She loved it — responded by getting super wet and asked him for more. He slapped her a little and she was in heaven.

This week Red and I are meeting up for drinks. I’m looking forward to hearing more of her stories — new material to masturbate to later that night.