Despite the nor’easter that blew through the city on Saturday we made it out to celebrate my bf’s birthday. Lately our best nights seem to be during a major storm. Saturday we went to Le Scandal with Bonnie Dunn — a gorgeous sexy host of the burlesque shoe.

Bonnie was a fantastic host, showing tits and pussy here and there throughout the show as she entertained with her raunchy jokes and mesmerized with her sultry voice. She guided us through a fun filled evening and even came up to chat with us after the show. When she asked how we found about the show I said I had found it when looking for a fun birthday surprise for my bf. All excited, she jumped up and started rifling through her bag to look for gifts to give us. I got a pair of pink feathered, tasselled pasties. What a great gift, I’ve wanted a pair for so long. I know just which one of our gf’s would appreciate them. Next time she comes over I’ll wear them with my sexy jean mini skirt to greet her at the door. But first, the tale of our night at the burlesque show.

One of the burlesque dancers used black electrical tape placed over her nipples in an “x” shape as her pasties. Completely appropriate for her Droogie-like character and looked oh so sexy over her mosquito bite tits. I’ve recently discovered that I have a thing for small tits — maybe because mine aren’t small. I just love the idea of being able to easily fit it in my mouth and feel every inch of it at once. Anyway, this burlesque dancer was such a delight and a surprise. We’ve been to burlesque shows before and they’ve always been true to form, stripping down to panties and pasties. Beautiful, sexy, enticing, but with that restriction of no nudity. This girl, to our great surprise and delight, did not stop at the pasties — or panties — but, well let me walk you through it.

She came onto the stage in a sexy Chicago a la Bob Fosse outfit. She was tall and the long, wide-leg black pants made her legs look like they went on forever. She moved and swayed to the music, using the wooden high back chair as a prop to accentuate her moves. Slowly each item of clothing came of. First the pants, revealing a lovely black frilly panties. Then the shirt came off. Underneath she had two pieces of black electrical tape covering her nipples in the shape of an “x”. We thought this was the end of the act, since every other burlesque performer we’ve seen leaves on the panties and pasties. But, to our great surprise and delight, the pasties came off, one “x” after the other. Creamy, white, small breasts — so gorgeous. Then she turned her back to us and pulled her panties down revealing her perfect ass. She took her hat off to cover her pussy before turning back to face us, then removed it revealing her landing strip and puffy pussy lips. I haven’t stopped thinking about her since Saturday — ooh so sexy.

After a super sexy fun filled evening we came home, got naked and climbed into bed. My bf was horny, as was I, and he knelt over me while I played with his dick and his balls. Massaging, caressing, pulling until he came all over my breasts and face. I woke up the next morning with dry cum all over me.