This turn to nice weather has gotten me thinking about the joys of having sex outside. Sex is always great, but sometimes it’s taken to new heights. Hotel rooms and outdoors are the places that always make me go wild. Where do you like to go crazy?

There are a few keys to spontaneous outdoor sex — unless of course you have a private courtyard to enjoy yourself in. Living in the city doesn’t afford me much privacy though so I follow a few simple rules. Wearing a skirt is key. Any skirt will suffice, but if you want to remain covered while fucking you need to wear a wide skirt that will flow around you even as you straddle him. Staying covered allows you to do it in even more public of a place. I like to wear a tight mini skirt so it’s easy to hike up and I love to feel the cool air on my ass while fucking. Maybe he likes that better too — feeling a bit of a breeze on his dick every time I move up and expose him to the air. Panties are ok because you can easily push them side without actually taking them off. A thong makes this task easier and no panties at all is even better though.

One of the most memorable outdoor romps was on the roof of my bf’s old building. He was living in a converted warehouse building and the roof was huge — as long as a city block. We made our way up there and went behind one of the large ducts that grew up out of the roof. We were only concealed from other tenants who would eventually make their way up there, but could still be seen from any other roof in the neighborhood or from any of the many apartment windows of the surrounding buildings. The possibility of being watched is part of the fun — I like to put on a good show. I bent over and he hiked up my skirt and pulled down my panties. The cool breeze chilled me as it hit my wet pussy. He unzipped his shorts and slid inside me. He grabbed my tits and rubbed my clit. We fucked. It felt so good.

We don’t have roof access where we are now, but maybe we can find a quiet corner in the park one lovely spring day. Just thinking about it makes me wet. I think I’ll have to go find my bf and get him to take a break from work to come take care of me.