I have tried for years to entice a friend of ours, R,  to come to NYC to visit, but have been unsuccessful. We see her sometimes when we go upstate, but the circumstances are never right to make our move. We’ve flirted and alluded to the three of us hooking up, but have never been able to make it happen. What do I do to get her to come see us?

We’ve known her for years. My bf knew her first and had a sexual relationship with her before she was my roommate for a couple of years — we shared a two bedroom apartment in college. When she and I lived together my bf would sometimes sneak over to her room after I fell asleep.  Best blow jobs ever! That’s what he said. I of course took that statement as a challenge. No one would give him better blow jobs than me so I got to work. I needed to practice more to get as good as her in the bj department. I focused on using my tongue to give more textured pleasure, worked my lips more to apply different pressures and opened up my throat to take him deeper. After lots of practicing, finally one day he said, “better than R.” Yay! Not only did I pleasure him, but really enjoyed giving the bj’s and although we have both enjoyed my newly honed talent, I would still love to see her in action with him. Watch her use her mouth on my bf and see the pleasure in his face, head back, eyes closed, shuttering right at the point of cumming. This is something I’ve craved for years!

Although I may not yet have had the pleasure of being in the same room with them while they play, the three of us have played over IM a couple of times. One day I came home from work and found my bf lying on our bed rubbing his dick while IMing with R. Very sexy. I wanted in! I jumped onto IM and gave her a play by play of what we were doing. How hard he was. How I touched, stroked, pulled on him. How close he was to cumming. It was all about him. Neither he nor I touched my pussy and she never said she was playing with her pussy. I bet she was secretly playing with herself on the other end though. How could she possibly resist with the sexy IMs I was sending?

Another time my bf was visiting her upstate and they started fooling around while IMing me. He told me her tits looked good and then asked me if he should pull them out for a better view. They’re large and lovely. Much larger than mine — and mine are a pretty good size! He started to play with them, alternating from one to the other, giving me a play by play. One message to say he was pinching her nipples. Another to tell me how he was sucking on them and flicking the nipple with his tongue. Very hot. Made me very wet. A very sexy way to spend the evening.

Although the flirting has been quite fun and sexy in its own right, I look forward to the day that I finally get her to come down and stay with us. My bf doesn’t think it will ever happen, but I remain optimistic.