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Last night our long time friend came over for dinner and some sexy fun. We haven’t seen her in a few months because she’s been terribly busy so we were really looking forward to the date.

She came over for dinner. My bf is an amazing cook and made a fantastic dinner of chicken with artichokes, mashed potatoes, asparagus and salad. We had a few drinks, ate dinner and caught up. After dinner we made our way from the kitchen back to the living room couch and relaxed as we finished off our drinks. My bf came over to where I was sitting and started rubbing my neck and my back. He took my hair in his hand and gave it a bit of a pull so my head went back slightly. He undid my bra and took it off by pulling the straps through my shirt sleeves. He started rubbing my pussy through my leggings and underwear. All the while our friend was watching, no doubt getting as horny as I was. Read the rest of this entry »

I had just finished three days of shooting a short film with my bf — no sex scenes unfortunately — and we went out to unwind at a nearby dive bar. Our friend — one of the actors in the short — was with us too. The bar was full of older local men and some strippers on their break from the club next door. The bartender greeted us with a huge, bright smile and chatted us up for a little while as we decided what to order. She was wearing a bright green bikini top with a yellow and white checked frock covering her front and back, but open at the sides, with short jean shorts and moccasins. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing heels — she was naturally tall and lanky.

I was immediately attracted to her as was my bf. It’s easy to tell when he likes someone because he falls into this really sweet flirty mode which I just find so sexy. I’m rather short and many of the girls we’ve met have been closer to my height so I love the idea of hooking up with a tall beauty. It would be such a turn on to see her long legs wrapped around my bf while he licked and sucked on her clit. I can see it in my mind’s eye now. She’s on her back with him over her, his face buried in her pussy. Her pussy hair is left natural and she tastes sweet. Her head is back. She is smiling. A moan emerges from her throat. My bf looks up at me and watches as I play with my own clit. That’s what I’d like to see happen. Read the rest of this entry »

Some of you may remember my tale of our first threesome — if not, or if you haven’t read it, check it our here: The Three Way Kiss. After experimenting with our college friend we took a break from threesomes for a bit of time, but when we moved in together a few years ago we decided to pick up again where we had left off. We had a great loft space in Brooklyn that my bf, being handy as he is, built out into a fantastic space. I loved our first apartment and we entertained many lovely ladies there.

This time around we didn’t have any friends who might be interested in hooking up so we ventured off on the web and set up an online profile. All of my single friends used Nerve so we gave it a try.  My bf took my picture, obscuring my face slightly because I was teaching at the time and didn’t want any students or fellow teachers to randomly find me there — that would make for an awkward day in class! He showed plenty cleavage and just enough of my face to prove that I was a real person. We answered all of the profile questions, trying to sound like the witty and fun loving couple that we are without being too cheesy. I know he took a good picture of me because not long after we posted our initial profile we met P — a sweet chick in an open marriage. Read the rest of this entry »

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I am just an average chick who loves the touch of another woman, loves to perform for my bf and have him watch while a chick licks my clit and watch him get off when he gets a blow job from someone with a truly skilled mouth. Read more in Meet Alice :)

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