Some of you may remember my tale of our first threesome — if not, or if you haven’t read it, check it our here: The Three Way Kiss. After experimenting with our college friend we took a break from threesomes for a bit of time, but when we moved in together a few years ago we decided to pick up again where we had left off. We had a great loft space in Brooklyn that my bf, being handy as he is, built out into a fantastic space. I loved our first apartment and we entertained many lovely ladies there.

This time around we didn’t have any friends who might be interested in hooking up so we ventured off on the web and set up an online profile. All of my single friends used Nerve so we gave it a try.  My bf took my picture, obscuring my face slightly because I was teaching at the time and didn’t want any students or fellow teachers to randomly find me there — that would make for an awkward day in class! He showed plenty cleavage and just enough of my face to prove that I was a real person. We answered all of the profile questions, trying to sound like the witty and fun loving couple that we are without being too cheesy. I know he took a good picture of me because not long after we posted our initial profile we met P — a sweet chick in an open marriage.

The first time we all played together was so much fun. She had the least amount of pussy hair of anyone we’ve ever met and a very small clit, but that didn’t seem to lessen her pleasure — or ours. She was wet and eager and we all spent time working on each other, having fun licking, sucking, fingering, caressing — you get the idea. After we all orgasmed for the first time I decided to change it up a bit. Earlier that evening we had been looking through one of my erotic photo books — I have quite a collection — and I remembered the 19th century photograph of two young women sitting in high backed wooden chairs with their skirts up and undergarments off, masturbating with beautiful large carrots. Looked like a good idea to me! I went out into the kitchen and pulled out two carrots, one for each of us to use. Lucky for us we always have lots of veg in the house and carrots are a staple. Now, I’ve masturbated with vibrators and dildos of course and also popsicles and even a beer bottle once, but never with an item from the produce aisle! I brought the carrots back into the bedroom and she was game! We both had a good time working with the carrot and took a great deal of pleasure from using this new found dildo. While we played my bf watched and enjoyed helping us move the carrots in and out, pushing them in just far enough to tickle our G-spots. We had lots fun with those carrots and all orgasmed for the second time that night.

P was a great second first for our new apartment. It wasn’t enough for us to just have sex in every room to christen the apartment, we also had to have a threesome to celebrate the new home. After a couple of hook ups P started to suggest that we let her husband come play with us too, but that’s not for us so we ended up not seeing too much more of her. It was fun while it lasted though and will always be one of my favorite hook up memories.