I had just finished three days of shooting a short film with my bf — no sex scenes unfortunately — and we went out to unwind at a nearby dive bar. Our friend — one of the actors in the short — was with us too. The bar was full of older local men and some strippers on their break from the club next door. The bartender greeted us with a huge, bright smile and chatted us up for a little while as we decided what to order. She was wearing a bright green bikini top with a yellow and white checked frock covering her front and back, but open at the sides, with short jean shorts and moccasins. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing heels — she was naturally tall and lanky.

I was immediately attracted to her as was my bf. It’s easy to tell when he likes someone because he falls into this really sweet flirty mode which I just find so sexy. I’m rather short and many of the girls we’ve met have been closer to my height so I love the idea of hooking up with a tall beauty. It would be such a turn on to see her long legs wrapped around my bf while he licked and sucked on her clit. I can see it in my mind’s eye now. She’s on her back with him over her, his face buried in her pussy. Her pussy hair is left natural and she tastes sweet. Her head is back. She is smiling. A moan emerges from her throat. My bf looks up at me and watches as I play with my own clit. That’s what I’d like to see happen.

Ok, now leaving my mind’s eye and going back to the story — she wanted to play a game with us. She wanted to guess what the relationship was between my bf, friend and me. It was cute and sexy so we played along giving leading hints without giving it away. When we go to the part about my bf and I meeting in art school she got really excited and pulled out a little album of her photographic work. She had some amazing images and her excited energy was contagious. There were a number of portraits that were clearly contemporary based on the subjects, but had the appearance of a 19th Century Daguerreotype. She also had some fascinating compositions in which her subjects filled the entire frame, bursting out of it. Her photographs clearly reflected her energy. She was a young beauty and fresh talent.

She’s much younger than we are and it would be fun to take her home and teach her a few sexy things as well as arty things. I’m usually much more tentative about pursuing such young girls — early 20s seems like eons ago to me — but she had a different quality about her. She didn’t act young and the more we talked about art and music the more the age difference evaporated. When she saw that we were staring to wrap it up she pulled out a couple of business cards and passed them over the bar to us. We said goodbye to our friend and hopped on the subway to go home. I couldn’t stop thinking about her though. Beautiful. Energetic. Sexy. So, I decided to take the advice of one of my readers and just ask her out. After all, she gave me her email address. I emailed her yesterday and am waiting to see if she’s interested in going out with us for drinks. I’ll keep you posted.