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Our watcher friend had to cancel our date last night, which was very disappointing. My bf and I had each been thinking about her all day. We were IMing our sexy thoughts back and forth while at work — hopefully neither of our companies ever decide to take a peek at our chats!

When we got home last night we were both horny. We passed by each other in the kitchen and he reached over to play with my nipples and squeeze my breasts. Then he pulled out his dick and started rubbing it. Oh, it looked so good. He told me to get on my knees. I knelt down and started to gently squeeze his balls. He whipped his dick against my face and played with my lips and mouth using his fingers. I squeezed his balls harder and gave them a little tug. He pulled my hair and positioned my face so I was sprayed with hot cum that went all over my face and neck. I licked it off my lips — salty and a little sweet. Read the rest of this entry »


Tomorrow night our watching, but no touching friend is coming over. I first wrote about her in Being Watched. She’s sexy and sweet and I get to just show off for her, which I love. After our last hook up she took a cab home and texted me the next day to say that she left a puddle on the back seat. She had gotten so wet watching my bf and me have sex. I’m hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow night and will give you the juicy update after.

Sometimes she flashes her tits or puts her hand down her pants, but we don’t really get to see too much of her. I don’t mind, I really get off on just being watched, but it’s fun to think about her showing her pussy and playing with her clit. Maybe tomorrow when my bf and I are fucking on the bed I’ll peak over and see her with her pants pulled down slightly — just enough to improve access to her pussy — and she’ll be caressing her clit and fingering herself. It’s a nice thought that will get me through the work day tomorrow.

I’m hoping for a repeat performance of last time and will keep you all posted.

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I’ve been searching for a new job and it’s been taking up a good deal of my time. In my searches I came across a job that would be perfect for me — if only I possessed the right skills. Someone is building a new adult entertainment site and they’re looking for help. Awesome I thought, until I read down further and saw that it was for a coder. N0t in my repertoire. I can design some and I can manage any project, but I can’t code.

That job may not have been right for me, but it reminded me of something my bf and I had talked about a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to make porn. Not Playboy style, or Hustler, or girl next door or fetish, but art porn. Similar to what I did in art school. Where I went to school almost everyone did nude self portraits at least once. I loved getting naked in front of the camera and then showing it off in front of my teachers and classmates. I even had a gallery show once where they blacked out the windows and put warning signs on the door because I put so many nude photographs up on the wall.

I showed off everything, taking pictures of my tits and pussy. Some close up, some full body. On occasion I wore jewelry that I created in the metals studio or smeared fruit, honey or Vaseline all over me. Sometimes this made it challenging to operate the camera being covered in a gooey substance, but I always managed. I never asked anyone to photograph me, not even my bf. I was uninhibited, trying all sorts of different poses and framing. Then I could edit out the ones I didn’t like and put up only the best nude pics.

Once the job search is over maybe I’ll pick up the camera again and see what I can do.

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