Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I’ve been searching for a new job and it’s been taking up a good deal of my time. In my searches I came across a job that would be perfect for me — if only I possessed the right skills. Someone is building a new adult entertainment site and they’re looking for help. Awesome I thought, until I read down further and saw that it was for a coder. N0t in my repertoire. I can design some and I can manage any project, but I can’t code.

That job may not have been right for me, but it reminded me of something my bf and I had talked about a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to make porn. Not Playboy style, or Hustler, or girl next door or fetish, but art porn. Similar to what I did in art school. Where I went to school almost everyone did nude self portraits at least once. I loved getting naked in front of the camera and then showing it off in front of my teachers and classmates. I even had a gallery show once where they blacked out the windows and put warning signs on the door because I put so many nude photographs up on the wall.

I showed off everything, taking pictures of my tits and pussy. Some close up, some full body. On occasion I wore jewelry that I created in the metals studio or smeared fruit, honey or Vaseline all over me. Sometimes this made it challenging to operate the camera being covered in a gooey substance, but I always managed. I never asked anyone to photograph me, not even my bf. I was uninhibited, trying all sorts of different poses and framing. Then I could edit out the ones I didn’t like and put up only the best nude pics.

Once the job search is over maybe I’ll pick up the camera again and see what I can do.