Our watcher friend had to cancel our date last night, which was very disappointing. My bf and I had each been thinking about her all day. We were IMing our sexy thoughts back and forth while at work — hopefully neither of our companies ever decide to take a peek at our chats!

When we got home last night we were both horny. We passed by each other in the kitchen and he reached over to play with my nipples and squeeze my breasts. Then he pulled out his dick and started rubbing it. Oh, it looked so good. He told me to get on my knees. I knelt down and started to gently squeeze his balls. He whipped his dick against my face and played with my lips and mouth using his fingers. I squeezed his balls harder and gave them a little tug. He pulled my hair and positioned my face so I was sprayed with hot cum that went all over my face and neck. I licked it off my lips — salty and a little sweet.

We certainly had fun on our own, without our watcher friend. Later on we started IMing with her and my bf shared the story or our little interlude in the kitchen and of course told her that she missed quite a show. We told her that next time we’d take pictures for her. She loved the idea and said that she would have to reciprocate and send us a few pics as well. A few minutes later we got a picture of her lovely breasts with those big brown nipples. So gorgeous. Then we got a couple of videos. Even better! She was completely naked, doggie style on the bed, using a vibrator on her oh so wet pussy. Oh, it was so sexy. I went to bed thinking about it and woke up thinking about it. I know at some point today I’m going to have to take a break from work to play with my own pussy while I watch her video again.

We still owe her some pics or of course another live performance of me down on me knees with by bf’s dick in my face. Either way I’m looking forward to it!