I’ve been on an unexpected hiatus and am sorry to have not posted for so long. I’ve had a few challenges over the last few months with looking for work, a new apartment and a house. Pretty much the exact same challenges so many other people are facing right now too. Well, we just moved in to a new apartment, have a bid in on a house and I have a new job. Plus, today is my birthday so it seemed like the perfect day to start posting my stories again!

Last night, after midnight so technically the start of my birthday, my boyfriend searched through youporn.com to find a couple of videos he thought I would like. I was already in bed though and didn’t see the links on the email he sent until this morning. (I’m going to have to sneak off somewhere during my lunch break to watch them!) After he watched the videos he joined me in bed and gave me an early birthday fucking.

I was already in bed lying naked under the covers when he came in. He undressed and was already rock hard. He climbed into bed and started to finger me. I had gotten wet immediately after watching him undress and was absolutely ready to go. It was pretty much all about me from there on out. He finger fucked me alternating between one, two and three fingers — I love that. Then he walked over to the other side of the bed, pulled my legs over the edge and leaned over to go down on me. He sucked and slurped with just a bit of a bite here and there along the way. I stroked his dick and tugged on his balls all the while. Then he fucked me. I love being fucked. I stayed on my back, spread my legs and raised my hips ever so slightly so he could reach that perfect, orgasm inducing spot. If our new neighbors didn’t yet know we had moved in, they certainly knew after last night. I am so not good at fucking quietly, but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?