Last night my bf and I went out with C, a sexy latina who is definitely not shy. She works with my bf and she’s been flirting with him weeks so he finally arranged for us to meet. The first conversation they ever had was about how she’s a little bit kinky, which is an understatement, and we spent all last night talking about our fetishes and favorite toys.

After we were talking — and drinking — for a while, C and I both had to pee. She led me downstairs to the bathroom and we used adjacent stalls. As soon as she shut the door she was peeing. Now, she did have a skirt on, but still it was a bit too quick from locking the stall door to peeing, so I figured she must be wearing thigh highs and no panties. I kept it to myself, a nice little secret that I could think back to the next time I masturbated, but as soon as we got back upstairs and the waitress brought our next round she told us that she just got her pussy waxed — completely smooth, with only a thin little landing strip — for the first time the day before. She loved it, she said. Then she hiked up her skirt to show us the lacy edges of her black thigh highs and revealed that she had no panties on. I was right! My bf reached over and started reaching up her thigh saying, I want to see, but she playfully slapped him away. I guess that will just have to wait until we go out next week or when we go to her holiday party. I’ll keep you posted šŸ™‚