Looking at my reflection in the mirror as I worked out at the gym tonight reminded me of how much I love sweaty sex. There’s almost nothing better than two wet slippery bodies moving against each other. It’s natural and earthy and sexy.

When I lived in Florida my boyfriend and I used to play tennis a lot. It was Florida — every apartment complex had at least one tennis court. We would go out later in the afternoon when it wasn’t quite so hot and play until we were exhausted. We’d be sweaty and a little sore, but also pretty horny. By the time we had walked back to my apartment we couldn’t wait to strip off all our clothes — not always the easiest task when you’re all sweaty — and then fuck on the floor or in the shower. His body felt hot and moist and I loved to be on top so I could slap my pussy down on him while stroking his chest.

He’ll be home soon, but has to travel tonight so we may not have time to get in a good sweaty, sexy romp. Maybe I can can convince him to have a quickie!