Last weekend I invited an old playfriend over for some sexy fun. We haven’t seen each other in at least a year and haven’t really chatted much, but she and my boyfriend have gone out for cocktails a couple of times so there was obviously still a connection.

She arrived around 9 and we sat down in the living room for appetizers and cocktails. I played hostess and kicked my boyfriend off the sofa so I could sit next to her. We exchanged stories of work and funny anecdotes as the night wore on. After a while we decided it was time to make our move.

My boyfriend got up and went around behind her to start massaging her neck and grab her large breasts. He pulled her face up by her chin and gave her a kiss. Then he came and sat between us on the sofa and started rubbing our pussies in tandem. Such a lovely thing to listen to, the synchronous moans of the two women he was pleasuring.

After a short while we moved into the bedroom. He undressed her first, then removed his own clothes. I was the only one left clothed so I removed my dress and bra, but left on my black panties that were covered with white frilly lace. Too sexy to remove right away in my opinion. We both played with her breasts and sucked at her nipples. She lay on her back with hers eyes closed, taking in all the sensations and relishing the moments of our complete attention focused on her.

My boyfriend put his fingers inside her while going down on her. She was bucking in ecstasy and came twice as he used his very talented tongue on her clit. They both fingered me and played with my piercing to make me come. Then I used my hand to make my boyfriend come while she watched.

It was fun to get back into bed with an old acquaintance. Someone we knew and had had fun with in the past. Although I think we have more to explore so we can remember what we each really like the next time we get together, overall it was quite a successful reunion.