I met a new playfriend a couple weeks ago. My boyfriend met her first out at a bar one night. She started chatting him up and they hit it off. A few weeks later he introduces the two of is. Wed had the hardest time finding a night to meet up, but finally on a recent weeknight we were all free and in the same neighborhood so we met up at a cute little bar with big open windows. Perfect place to go on a gorgeous August evening.

She rushed in a bit flushed and out of breath, but with a big smile. She is in her 20s and just so excited about all of the possibilities that life holds. She have us each a big hug and pulled up a stool. She ordered a beer and I slowly finished my whiskey neat.

We made small talk and learned a little bit about each other. What we do. What we like. What’s in the news. What’s in the neighborhood. Covering ll the bases. She frequently reached out to caress my thigh and I did the same with her. We continued on over a couple more drinks and she had switched to whiskey, copying my lead, which was endearing.

We did not all go home together that night, but over the next couple of days took to three way sexting, which turned out to be more fun than I could have imagined. I was giddy with anticipation of which photos of me she’s like. I sent her some and my boyfriend sent her some. A picture if me spreading my prissy lips to show off my piercing. A picture of her big round tits. It went on throughout the day and certainly made the time at work pass all that much faster!

We don’t as of yet have any solid plans for when we can get together next, but the anticipation is sweet.