We had a first time playfriend over last week. We’ve gone out with her before, meeting at the bar for a couple of drinks, and I’ve written about some of our previous encounters. She seemed so excited by the potential of eventually coming home with is. She is young, but didn’t seem inexperienced. We’d had a blast three way sexting and we’re ready to take it into the bedroom.

The night she came over my boyfriend met her at the bar for a drink. I couldn’t make it because I was stuck with extra work and was staying late at the office. Just as I was leaving to get on the subway I got a text from him asking if I wanted him to bring her home to hook up. Of course I said yes and raced home to get ready. I beat them, but not by much. Just enough time to pretty up the bed and strip down to my bra and panties. I heard the lock turn in the apartment door and hopped into the bed. When they walked in I was kneeling with my legs spread and my chest pushed out, showing off my best assets. They walked into the room, my boyfriend behind her. He is much taller than her and I could see him looking over her head, flashing me a very pleased smile. He liked what they had come home to. I thought it was a great way to start the night.

Then she spoke and I realized that maybe she wasn’t quite ready for this encounter. She was pretty drunk and was already asking my boyfriend for another drink. I shook my head, indicating that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, but he promised to make it a weak one. Ok, no big deal, she just drank a little too much, but was here and excited to play with us. They each got a little more comfortable, removing their pants. We all sat down on the bed and talked for a bit. She was the only one drinking and we reassured her that she didn’t have to play with us that night. We wanted everyone to be comfortable and we could just talk.

She kept drinking and did a few little dances and stretches for us. A prelude if what was to come, showing off her extreme flexibility as she did splits on the floor and kicked her legs high up in the air. A short while and a few drinks later we realized that she really wasn’t in shape to play so we suggested we call it a night. She was disappointed, but we could tell she really just wasn’t comfortable and didn’t want her to feel any pressure to take it further than she wanted to. She seemed to be struggling with her desires and although it was clear that she was really into hooking up with us, she wished she wasn’t. People need to be comfortable in their own skin and we won’t play with anyone who is not 100% into it.