My boyfriend was mortified the other day when I said I wasn’t shaving my pussy for our date. I really like my bushy pussy, but he insisted that it be trimmed down to a soft stubble and pulled out his electric razor and proceeded to groom me.

Although I didn’t win that battle there is a long glorious history of the unmanicured bush — and it is beautiful.

One of my favorite things is when my bush dries into perfect, tight little light brown curls. It’s so soft on my palm and I imagine feels just lovely on the cheek of anyone who goes down on me. I understand that a loose hair stuck on the roof of your mouth or worse, in your teeth, is less than sexy, but hair is what makes me a woman and something to be celebrated.

Whenever I need a reminder of what a woman’s natural pussy looks like I pull out my vintage porn books. The pussy is all it’s hairy glory is put proudly on display with thick pubic hair that spreads out to their inner thighs. It’s exciting to think about what lies beneath that thick carpet, imagining my fingers deftly exploring their labia and clit, then finally reaching their moist hole.

I realize that this may not be a turn on for everyone so I try to compromise and keep my pussy hair at a respectable length. More that stubble, but still allowing for easy access.