I am just an average chick who loves the touch of another woman, loves to perform for my bf and have him watch while a chick licks my clit and watch him get off when he gets a blow job from someone with a truly skilled mouth. I’ve always believed that chicks have a natural desire for a sexual connection with one another. We want to be touched, caressed, pinched and maybe even slapped on the ass occasionally. I’ve always imagined that there were a lot of girls feeling each other up back in the days when they needed help getting into their corsets, hoop skirts and other fine garments invented in the name of beauty. How could they not gently caress the others lovely tits as they dressed or undressed them? I know I’ve certainly brushed up against a roommate or two when asking her to zip up my dress or let my tits hang out longer than necessary when changing in the communal dressing room, hoping my friend would get a good glimpse and feel a bit of a tingle in her pussy.

The first girl we invited for a threesome was a college friend and it was a blast. Since then we’ve met and slept with many other chicks and you can read all about our encounters in this blog. Enjoy the tales, jump into the conversation and maybe even get turned on by some of the stories recounted here.