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My boyfriend was mortified the other day when I said I wasn’t shaving my pussy for our date. I really like my bushy pussy, but he insisted that it be trimmed down to a soft stubble and pulled out his electric razor and proceeded to groom me.

Although I didn’t win that battle there is a long glorious history of the unmanicured bush — and it is beautiful.

One of my favorite things is when my bush dries into perfect, tight little light brown curls. It’s so soft on my palm and I imagine feels just lovely on the cheek of anyone who goes down on me. I understand that a loose hair stuck on the roof of your mouth or worse, in your teeth, is less than sexy, but hair is what makes me a woman and something to be celebrated.

Whenever I need a reminder of what a woman’s natural pussy looks like I pull out my vintage porn books. The pussy is all it’s hairy glory is put proudly on display with thick pubic hair that spreads out to their inner thighs. It’s exciting to think about what lies beneath that thick carpet, imagining my fingers deftly exploring their labia and clit, then finally reaching their moist hole.

I realize that this may not be a turn on for everyone so I try to compromise and keep my pussy hair at a respectable length. More that stubble, but still allowing for easy access.


We had a first time playfriend over last week. We’ve gone out with her before, meeting at the bar for a couple of drinks, and I’ve written about some of our previous encounters. She seemed so excited by the potential of eventually coming home with is. She is young, but didn’t seem inexperienced. We’d had a blast three way sexting and we’re ready to take it into the bedroom.

The night she came over my boyfriend met her at the bar for a drink. I couldn’t make it because I was stuck with extra work and was staying late at the office. Just as I was leaving to get on the subway I got a text from him asking if I wanted him to bring her home to hook up. Of course I said yes and raced home to get ready. I beat them, but not by much. Just enough time to pretty up the bed and strip down to my bra and panties. I heard the lock turn in the apartment door and hopped into the bed. When they walked in I was kneeling with my legs spread and my chest pushed out, showing off my best assets. They walked into the room, my boyfriend behind her. He is much taller than her and I could see him looking over her head, flashing me a very pleased smile. He liked what they had come home to. I thought it was a great way to start the night.

Then she spoke and I realized that maybe she wasn’t quite ready for this encounter. She was pretty drunk and was already asking my boyfriend for another drink. I shook my head, indicating that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, but he promised to make it a weak one. Ok, no big deal, she just drank a little too much, but was here and excited to play with us. They each got a little more comfortable, removing their pants. We all sat down on the bed and talked for a bit. She was the only one drinking and we reassured her that she didn’t have to play with us that night. We wanted everyone to be comfortable and we could just talk.

She kept drinking and did a few little dances and stretches for us. A prelude if what was to come, showing off her extreme flexibility as she did splits on the floor and kicked her legs high up in the air. A short while and a few drinks later we realized that she really wasn’t in shape to play so we suggested we call it a night. She was disappointed, but we could tell she really just wasn’t comfortable and didn’t want her to feel any pressure to take it further than she wanted to. She seemed to be struggling with her desires and although it was clear that she was really into hooking up with us, she wished she wasn’t. People need to be comfortable in their own skin and we won’t play with anyone who is not 100% into it.

I met a new playfriend a couple weeks ago. My boyfriend met her first out at a bar one night. She started chatting him up and they hit it off. A few weeks later he introduces the two of is. Wed had the hardest time finding a night to meet up, but finally on a recent weeknight we were all free and in the same neighborhood so we met up at a cute little bar with big open windows. Perfect place to go on a gorgeous August evening.

She rushed in a bit flushed and out of breath, but with a big smile. She is in her 20s and just so excited about all of the possibilities that life holds. She have us each a big hug and pulled up a stool. She ordered a beer and I slowly finished my whiskey neat.

We made small talk and learned a little bit about each other. What we do. What we like. What’s in the news. What’s in the neighborhood. Covering ll the bases. She frequently reached out to caress my thigh and I did the same with her. We continued on over a couple more drinks and she had switched to whiskey, copying my lead, which was endearing.

We did not all go home together that night, but over the next couple of days took to three way sexting, which turned out to be more fun than I could have imagined. I was giddy with anticipation of which photos of me she’s like. I sent her some and my boyfriend sent her some. A picture if me spreading my prissy lips to show off my piercing. A picture of her big round tits. It went on throughout the day and certainly made the time at work pass all that much faster!

We don’t as of yet have any solid plans for when we can get together next, but the anticipation is sweet.

Last weekend I invited an old playfriend over for some sexy fun. We haven’t seen each other in at least a year and haven’t really chatted much, but she and my boyfriend have gone out for cocktails a couple of times so there was obviously still a connection.

She arrived around 9 and we sat down in the living room for appetizers and cocktails. I played hostess and kicked my boyfriend off the sofa so I could sit next to her. We exchanged stories of work and funny anecdotes as the night wore on. After a while we decided it was time to make our move.

My boyfriend got up and went around behind her to start massaging her neck and grab her large breasts. He pulled her face up by her chin and gave her a kiss. Then he came and sat between us on the sofa and started rubbing our pussies in tandem. Such a lovely thing to listen to, the synchronous moans of the two women he was pleasuring.

After a short while we moved into the bedroom. He undressed her first, then removed his own clothes. I was the only one left clothed so I removed my dress and bra, but left on my black panties that were covered with white frilly lace. Too sexy to remove right away in my opinion. We both played with her breasts and sucked at her nipples. She lay on her back with hers eyes closed, taking in all the sensations and relishing the moments of our complete attention focused on her.

My boyfriend put his fingers inside her while going down on her. She was bucking in ecstasy and came twice as he used his very talented tongue on her clit. They both fingered me and played with my piercing to make me come. Then I used my hand to make my boyfriend come while she watched.

It was fun to get back into bed with an old acquaintance. Someone we knew and had had fun with in the past. Although I think we have more to explore so we can remember what we each really like the next time we get together, overall it was quite a successful reunion.

It’s no secret that I like being controlled a little in bed. I like being told to get down on my knees and suck him off, or having my wrists pinned down, or like this morning, being brought close to climax over and over again, but without ever being penetrated, no matter how much I arch my back, lift my hips and push my pelvis toward his hand.

It all started when I climbed back into bed after my brunch plans were unexpectedly cancelled this morning. I snuggled up to my boyfriend and rubbed his back for quite some time, not expecting anything more to happen on this lazy Sunday morning and enjoying our quiet moment. After some time he turned around and enveloped me with his arms and began to caress my neck — and faithful readers, as you now know, my neck is my sweet spot. Instinctively I started to pump my hips, reaching them up toward him as his hand passed over that part of my body. We were both still wearing the clothes we slept in the night before so for the wonderfully long period of foreplay there was no touching any of our body parts under our clothes.

He continued to caress my body over my clothes, pinch my nipples through the thin cotton t-shirt I was wearing and press against my cunt, while pushing his dick up against my leg. My legs were spread out wide, inviting him at any time to plunge his hand beneath my leggings and put three fingers up inside me. Instead, he pulled my hand toward me and lifted my leggings by the elastic waist to give me room to put my hand down my pants and play with my clit.

By this time my pussy was dripping and I couldn’t have been more turned on. A lead up like this, the anticipation of being touched, but never getting that final bit of satisfaction and release is one of the most wonderfully overwhelming feelings and as much as I was dying to have him put his fingers inside me I also knew that as soon as he did the amazing and intense feelings I had would disappear. I hoped for this to go on all morning. I continued pumping my hips, eagerly anticipating him reaching down to press against my pussy, over my hand still under my leggings, to put ever more pressure against my labia and clit. Legs spread wide, back fully arched, my mind went blank, I thought of nothing and felt only the intensity brought on by little more than the touch of his fingers — and mine.

When I reached such a point of intensity that it seemed I couldn’t take anymore, he reached down beneath my clothes and every so gently placed his finger right at the opening of my pussy hole and stroked the rim every so lightly. That was as much as I could take. I needed to climax! I pushed my hips up and reached out toward his fingers, but he pulled them back, took my hand and started moving my fingers against my clit. He was telling me that it was my job to finish myself off. The ultimate sexy gesture. All it took was a couple of minutes of vigorous stroking of my clit to make me cum.

My pussy was wet all day today. Every time I went into the bathroom at work I found it dripping. Maybe it was the tights and dress I wore today that offered up this wonderful distraction, but whatever it was made for one happy day.

When I got home, after going to the gym, I sat on the bed reading a book. After a short while I got distracted thinking about my wet pussy and started massaging it through my yoga pants. I kept doing this for a while when my boyfriend came in to lay on the bed with me. He watched me do this through my pants for a few minutes and then suggested that I take my pants off and continue. Of course I thought that was a splendid idea, so I stood up and peeled my pants and panties off and then hopped back on the bed. He turned me around so I was lying with my head on his chest perpendicular to him so he had a good view of my wet pussy.

My pussy hair is trimmed, but growing back in so it’s soft and I can give it a little tug. When I masturbate I like playing with my clit — massaging it, rubbing it and tugging on it — over fingering myself. Of course I enjoy that too, but clit play is just really what does it for me — when I do me. I use my index, middle and ring finger at the same time to cradle my clit on the top and both sides, and vigorously rub it. I like it fast.

I spread my pussy lips wide for prime viewing and he watched as I got myself all wet and worked up, and I watched his erection grow beneath his pants. He didn’t want to take it out though because he wanted me to focus on only what I was doing. He played with my mouth with his fingers, offering them up for me to suck, tugged on my hair every so slightly and massaged my neck and right behind my ears. All so sensual and arousing. Just thinking about him touching me in that spot behind my ear makes my pussy tingle. I kept pulling at my clit and brought myself to orgasm. It was so good; my pussy twitched and pulsed post orgasm for a few minutes following. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night.

When my boyfriend and I were in college (me an undergrad and he a grad) I shared an apartment with a friend of his. This was a friend of his from his undergrad years back up north and they used to hookup sometimes. Often times in the art room closet or a quickie back at his apartment when his roommates were out. I did know about those trysts from their undergrad days and I did all I could to best her and give the better blowjob.

What I didn’t know until years later was that after he and I had sex and I fell asleep he would walk across the hall to her room and they would hookup. When he finally told me years after I lived with her I was mad at him, but only because he didn’t tell me back then. I would have loved to masturbate in my bed on the other side of the hall while he was in her bed getting sucked off. I would have asked him to be extra loud, moaning and giving her instruction and that way I could time my orgasm with his.

Since those days he’s sent me pics of her tits while he squeezes them together, taken during his visits back home and he’s shown her the titty pics of me that he keeps on his phone. We’ve never seen each others tits in person, but I am chatting with her topless right now. Maybe I’ll just accidentally hit the video chat button… oops!

Looking at my reflection in the mirror as I worked out at the gym tonight reminded me of how much I love sweaty sex. There’s almost nothing better than two wet slippery bodies moving against each other. It’s natural and earthy and sexy.

When I lived in Florida my boyfriend and I used to play tennis a lot. It was Florida — every apartment complex had at least one tennis court. We would go out later in the afternoon when it wasn’t quite so hot and play until we were exhausted. We’d be sweaty and a little sore, but also pretty horny. By the time we had walked back to my apartment we couldn’t wait to strip off all our clothes — not always the easiest task when you’re all sweaty — and then fuck on the floor or in the shower. His body felt hot and moist and I loved to be on top so I could slap my pussy down on him while stroking his chest.

He’ll be home soon, but has to travel tonight so we may not have time to get in a good sweaty, sexy romp. Maybe I can can convince him to have a quickie!


I have been having the best sex dreams lately. They always start in the early morning hours when I start to wake up just a bit, so they feel quite real. When I wake up I just have to masturbate.

This is my hurricane preparedness list.

1. Razor and soothing shaving cream. To shave my pussy bald of course.
2. Playmate. My boyfriend 🙂
3. Mini vibrator. The purple one my bf recently gave me. Just for a little quiet time to myself while he’s napping.
4. Dildo. Always fun for both of us.
5. Water. Need to rehydrate.

Everyone be safe as Irene makes her way up the East Coast!

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