We’ve been lax in seeing our friends lately and had been trying for a few weeks to get together with one friend in particular. After a couple of weeks of texting back and forth, switching dates and generally trying to find a mutually agreeable time we finally settled on Saturday.

We met in the early evening at an overpriced, cramped wine bar, but found good seats off in the corner and eagerly awaited her arrival. She was late, but in all fairness we were late too — we just happened to arrive first. It had been quite a few months and I couldn’t conjure up a completely accurate picture of her. I could easily remember what she looked like when she orgasmed, but had forgotten exactly what color her hair was. It was darker than I remembered, but I guess she could have died it.

We went back to her place and after a few more drinks retired to the bedroom — a mattress on the floor in the corner of the studio. I love foreplay with her! We dance and she slowly strips me bare, scraping her fingernails lightly against my skin. This is the most sensual feeling, and a move that only a woman can pull off. My bf was off to the side watching — he loves to watch and I love to perform for him. I pulled him into the fold and started to undress him too. He pulled her dress over her head and undid her bra, stripped off her panties and left her only in her thigh highs — black crochet, very sexy!

We all went to the bed and took turns playing with each other. Licking, sucking, slapping, fingering. My bf worked her pussy and she worked mine and I sucked him. It was pure fun all around. She and I each came a few times and when my bf came he shot half way across the room.

It was a fun night and one that we all hope to do again sooner rather than later.


We had such a busy weekend house hunting and catching up on all of the chores we’ve neglected lately. It was nice to get out of the city though and we stayed at my bf’s parent’s house. Even though we’ve been together for over a decade and going to visit them for just about as long, we still sleep in separate rooms when we’re there. Staying in separate rooms in their small house where no one is every more than a room away from each other makes it difficult to mess around — and I was getting really horny.

We arrived very late Friday night, around 1 a.m. and we had to go meet the realtor pretty early the next day. I was pretty wound up from the long drive and was finding it hard to fall asleep so I decided to masturbate to relax. I like to do that when I’m having trouble sleeping or am otherwise stressed. As soon as I cum everything else just melts away and I fall into the most relaxed sleep — often dreaming about one of the times that we hooked up with one of our chickies. I’m a huge fan of clitoral masturbation and like to rub my clit vigorously, occasionally squeezing my lips and twisting my nipples. I do like the vibrator and dildo as well sometimes, but I was not a prepared traveler on this trip and did not have any of my toys. It didn’t take long to make myself cum and I was soon asleep.

The next morning when I awoke I was still feeling kind of horny so as soon as my bf and I got in the car to drive to our first destination of the day I told him that I masturbated last night, knowing full well that it would turn him on. He unzipped my pants and gave me a quick finger fuck before we drove down the driveway. Always such a nice way to start the day! Later that night I was still thinking about it and suggested that we each masturbate when we go to bed and then tell each other about it the next morning. I loved the idea of cumming knowing that he was doing the same thing on the other side of the bedroom wall. I masturbated for much longer that second night and had to make myself stop a couple of times to keep from cumming before I got my fill. I thought about when we hooked up with our friend Rosemary. My bf was licking at her pussy and sucking on her clit while she was on her back. She had her eyes shut and kept thrusting her hips upwards toward him. I was sitting up on the bed watching the two of them and he just looked up at me, staring into my eyes as he worked his tongue over every inch of her pussy lips and inner thighs. Oh, I loved it. I came pretty hard and fell right to sleep.

I couldn’t wait until morning to hear all about what he was fantasizing about while he masturbated. He was thinking about me masturbating in the other room and about another chick that we haven’t hooked up with yet, but we’d like to. He was imagining her watch us fuck — and as you know, that is one of my favorite things to do.

Well, I may be exhausted from a busy weekend, but it was fun and masturbating like that was a great way to fool around even though we were separated by a wall.

Last night my bf and I went out with C, a sexy latina who is definitely not shy. She works with my bf and she’s been flirting with him weeks so he finally arranged for us to meet. The first conversation they ever had was about how she’s a little bit kinky, which is an understatement, and we spent all last night talking about our fetishes and favorite toys.

After we were talking — and drinking — for a while, C and I both had to pee. She led me downstairs to the bathroom and we used adjacent stalls. As soon as she shut the door she was peeing. Now, she did have a skirt on, but still it was a bit too quick from locking the stall door to peeing, so I figured she must be wearing thigh highs and no panties. I kept it to myself, a nice little secret that I could think back to the next time I masturbated, but as soon as we got back upstairs and the waitress brought our next round she told us that she just got her pussy waxed — completely smooth, with only a thin little landing strip — for the first time the day before. She loved it, she said. Then she hiked up her skirt to show us the lacy edges of her black thigh highs and revealed that she had no panties on. I was right! My bf reached over and started reaching up her thigh saying, I want to see, but she playfully slapped him away. I guess that will just have to wait until we go out next week or when we go to her holiday party. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

I’m inspired to make a video of myself masturbating after watching two phenomenal videos on YouPorn . For those of you not familiar with this amazing site, it’s a porn channel with user posted videos from around the globe.

Last night I watched two videos of women masturbating. The first one is a middle aged woman who chats and flirts with us as she slowly removed her dress, then peels off her bra and panties leaving on only her matching white lacy thigh highs and garter and white heels. She used only her hand and shook and screamed when she reached orgasm. My boyfriend summed it up for me when he sent me the link.

She is absolutely darling. I love the way she pleasures herself, chats, and then screams. Beautiful.

Hazel Flicks Her Moist Hairy Pussy

The second one was even better. A young squirter takes great pleasure in using her hand and her vibrator until her juices flow down her fat, swollen pussy lips. Once again my boyfriend summed it up beautifully.

She is amazing, I love watching her.  What a sensual woman with an amazing body, I love the way she moves and enjoys every touch by her own hand and her toy. To see that juice cum out of her is revelatory in a way. Wow. I’d love to eat that and be flooded with that sweet pussy juice.

It took me a couple of days to find the time to watch the video and when I finally did he was glad I, “finally watched her pleasure her beautiful pussy.” I would love to watch him eat her pussy! And then kiss me hard on the mouth!

Hairy Girls Juicy Orgasm

So now you can see shy I’m so inspired to make a video. I’ll let you all know when we make our video and have it posted. In the meantime enjoy these two!

Winter is on the way. I got up this morning to walk the dogs and could barely stand on the bathroom floor the tiles were so icy cold on this late fall day. I took them out making a quick matter of the walk, practically dashing around the block. The dogs are better suited for this chill with their winter coats starting to come in, but even they were cold with this sudden change of weather after a stretch of unseasonable, but welcome, warmth.

When I came back in from the walk I went into the bedroom to undress and get my towel for the shower, looking forward to the hot water against my cold skin. My bf was still in bed asleep, or so I thought. As I was taking off my shoes I caught him watching me. I went over to sit on the edge of the bed. I still had on my sweats and oversized tee that I exercise and walk the dogs in. He reached for my left tit and held it in his hand gently squeezing it and flicking the nipple. He reached for the other breast and did the same thing. At the same time he reached under the covers and started to caress his dick. I could see his fist move up and down slowly. He reached down my pants and parted my lips slightly, pushing down lightly on my clit.

“Take off your pants he said,” he said, “so I can get inside you.” I jumped up, pulled my sweats down and threw them in a heap by the bed. “Spread your legs wide for me,” was the next command. I sat down on the edge of the bed, bent my legs at my knees and spread them wide. My pussy hair has started to grow in again since my last shave, but it’s still pretty trim and no where near as bushy as it can get when left natural. He kept pumping away on his dick under the covers as he fingered me with vigor. “Do you want to see me?” “Yes,” I whispered, out of breath from the last mini orgasm. “You can pull the covers back.” I pulled the covers back to see his dick fully hard and erect. I reached out for his balls and pulled on them. He fingered me harder. “I’m going to come,” he said. I shuddered with a climactic orgasm. “And you are too.”

I’m writing this while sitting on the subway on my way into work. My pussy is tingling and I’m getting wet all over again. It’ll be my little secret in the office meeting this morning. What a great way to start the week, the day and warm up on a cold morning.

I’ve been on an unexpected hiatus and am sorry to have not posted for so long. I’ve had a few challenges over the last few months with looking for work, a new apartment and a house. Pretty much the exact same challenges so many other people are facing right now too. Well, we just moved in to a new apartment, have a bid in on a house and I have a new job. Plus, today is my birthday so it seemed like the perfect day to start posting my stories again!

Last night, after midnight so technically the start of my birthday, my boyfriend searched through youporn.com to find a couple of videos he thought I would like. I was already in bed though and didn’t see the links on the email he sent until this morning. (I’m going to have to sneak off somewhere during my lunch break to watch them!) After he watched the videos he joined me in bed and gave me an early birthday fucking.

I was already in bed lying naked under the covers when he came in. He undressed and was already rock hard. He climbed into bed and started to finger me. I had gotten wet immediately after watching him undress and was absolutely ready to go. It was pretty much all about me from there on out. He finger fucked me alternating between one, two and three fingers — I love that. Then he walked over to the other side of the bed, pulled my legs over the edge and leaned over to go down on me. He sucked and slurped with just a bit of a bite here and there along the way. I stroked his dick and tugged on his balls all the while. Then he fucked me. I love being fucked. I stayed on my back, spread my legs and raised my hips ever so slightly so he could reach that perfect, orgasm inducing spot. If our new neighbors didn’t yet know we had moved in, they certainly knew after last night. I am so not good at fucking quietly, but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

Our watcher friend had to cancel our date last night, which was very disappointing. My bf and I had each been thinking about her all day. We were IMing our sexy thoughts back and forth while at work — hopefully neither of our companies ever decide to take a peek at our chats!

When we got home last night we were both horny. We passed by each other in the kitchen and he reached over to play with my nipples and squeeze my breasts. Then he pulled out his dick and started rubbing it. Oh, it looked so good. He told me to get on my knees. I knelt down and started to gently squeeze his balls. He whipped his dick against my face and played with my lips and mouth using his fingers. I squeezed his balls harder and gave them a little tug. He pulled my hair and positioned my face so I was sprayed with hot cum that went all over my face and neck. I licked it off my lips — salty and a little sweet. Read the rest of this entry »

Tomorrow night our watching, but no touching friend is coming over. I first wrote about her in Being Watched. She’s sexy and sweet and I get to just show off for her, which I love. After our last hook up she took a cab home and texted me the next day to say that she left a puddle on the back seat. She had gotten so wet watching my bf and me have sex. I’m hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow night and will give you the juicy update after.

Sometimes she flashes her tits or puts her hand down her pants, but we don’t really get to see too much of her. I don’t mind, I really get off on just being watched, but it’s fun to think about her showing her pussy and playing with her clit. Maybe tomorrow when my bf and I are fucking on the bed I’ll peak over and see her with her pants pulled down slightly — just enough to improve access to her pussy — and she’ll be caressing her clit and fingering herself. It’s a nice thought that will get me through the work day tomorrow.

I’m hoping for a repeat performance of last time and will keep you all posted.

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I’ve been searching for a new job and it’s been taking up a good deal of my time. In my searches I came across a job that would be perfect for me — if only I possessed the right skills. Someone is building a new adult entertainment site and they’re looking for help. Awesome I thought, until I read down further and saw that it was for a coder. N0t in my repertoire. I can design some and I can manage any project, but I can’t code.

That job may not have been right for me, but it reminded me of something my bf and I had talked about a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to make porn. Not Playboy style, or Hustler, or girl next door or fetish, but art porn. Similar to what I did in art school. Where I went to school almost everyone did nude self portraits at least once. I loved getting naked in front of the camera and then showing it off in front of my teachers and classmates. I even had a gallery show once where they blacked out the windows and put warning signs on the door because I put so many nude photographs up on the wall.

I showed off everything, taking pictures of my tits and pussy. Some close up, some full body. On occasion I wore jewelry that I created in the metals studio or smeared fruit, honey or Vaseline all over me. Sometimes this made it challenging to operate the camera being covered in a gooey substance, but I always managed. I never asked anyone to photograph me, not even my bf. I was uninhibited, trying all sorts of different poses and framing. Then I could edit out the ones I didn’t like and put up only the best nude pics.

Once the job search is over maybe I’ll pick up the camera again and see what I can do.

HNT courtesy of Neptune Blue

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