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My pussy was wet all day today. Every time I went into the bathroom at work I found it dripping. Maybe it was the tights and dress I wore today that offered up this wonderful distraction, but whatever it was made for one happy day.

When I got home, after going to the gym, I sat on the bed reading a book. After a short while I got distracted thinking about my wet pussy and started massaging it through my yoga pants. I kept doing this for a while when my boyfriend came in to lay on the bed with me. He watched me do this through my pants for a few minutes and then suggested that I take my pants off and continue. Of course I thought that was a splendid idea, so I stood up and peeled my pants and panties off and then hopped back on the bed. He turned me around so I was lying with my head on his chest perpendicular to him so he had a good view of my wet pussy.

My pussy hair is trimmed, but growing back in so it’s soft and I can give it a little tug. When I masturbate I like playing with my clit — massaging it, rubbing it and tugging on it — over fingering myself. Of course I enjoy that too, but clit play is just really what does it for me — when I do me. I use my index, middle and ring finger at the same time to cradle my clit on the top and both sides, and vigorously rub it. I like it fast.

I spread my pussy lips wide for prime viewing and he watched as I got myself all wet and worked up, and I watched his erection grow beneath his pants. He didn’t want to take it out though because he wanted me to focus on only what I was doing. He played with my mouth with his fingers, offering them up for me to suck, tugged on my hair every so slightly and massaged my neck and right behind my ears. All so sensual and arousing. Just thinking about him touching me in that spot behind my ear makes my pussy tingle. I kept pulling at my clit and brought myself to orgasm. It was so good; my pussy twitched and pulsed post orgasm for a few minutes following. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night.


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I am just an average chick who loves the touch of another woman, loves to perform for my bf and have him watch while a chick licks my clit and watch him get off when he gets a blow job from someone with a truly skilled mouth. Read more in Meet Alice :)

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