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When my boyfriend and I were in college (me an undergrad and he a grad) I shared an apartment with a friend of his. This was a friend of his from his undergrad years back up north and they used to hookup sometimes. Often times in the art room closet or a quickie back at his apartment when his roommates were out. I did know about those trysts from their undergrad days and I did all I could to best her and give the better blowjob.

What I didn’t know until years later was that after he and I had sex and I fell asleep he would walk across the hall to her room and they would hookup. When he finally told me years after I lived with her I was mad at him, but only because he didn’t tell me back then. I would have loved to masturbate in my bed on the other side of the hall while he was in her bed getting sucked off. I would have asked him to be extra loud, moaning and giving her instruction and that way I could time my orgasm with his.

Since those days he’s sent me pics of her tits while he squeezes them together, taken during his visits back home and he’s shown her the titty pics of me that he keeps on his phone. We’ve never seen each others tits in person, but I am chatting with her topless right now. Maybe I’ll just accidentally hit the video chat button… oops!


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I am just an average chick who loves the touch of another woman, loves to perform for my bf and have him watch while a chick licks my clit and watch him get off when he gets a blow job from someone with a truly skilled mouth. Read more in Meet Alice :)

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